Is There A Novel In Me?

Is there a novel in me? The answer might not exactly be yes, but I have been writing about the same characters for a hot minute. It makes me wonder how far I can take them. I’m at novellete length with them now. If I can cross over into novella length, maybe we’ll start talking novel.

As I’ve mentioned, I mostly stick with writing short stories instead of writing novels. I like writing about moments, and in that process, I explore characters. Usually, after I’ve worked on one story for a while and I get it good enough, I move on to other characters and start a new story. But, I never really considered what would happen if I kept writing short stories with the same characters in them. It seems that may be a good way to trick my brain into writing a novel. I guess that’s what’s going on now. This is all theoretical, and hasn’t been proven yet. Only time will tell.

I’m getting further along in edits for the paperback version of Crushes. It’s almost done, I promise.

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  1. Kyle

    Well that stick isn’t working, they’re yearning to come out lol

  2. Kyle

    I’ve noticed that too about the same characters, but I didn’t think anything of it. Don’t try to rush or force the novel, let it come naturally with time. Also, I’m sure it’ll be a great read 😊

    1. Eric Shay Howard

      For now, I am trying to keep the stories as contained and standalone as possible. Right now they’re just being conplicated and wanting to take over things, lol. I keep beating them with a stick but they won’t stay down.

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