I Had A Lot Of Audible Credits

I had a ton of audible credits so I picked up an audio copy of The Goldfinch, because I haven’t forgotten that I said I’d finish The Goldfinch. This week has been super busy for some reason. I haven’t had a lot of time to fun things like read, or creative things like write. I’m prioritizing getting the paperback of my fiction collection, Crushes, edited. I’m almost certain it’ll be done by the end of October or beginning of November.

I also picked up some audible copies of a few other books I wanted. I guess I’ll mention those eventually, if I like them. Maybe that’s a good policy? I don’t really do book reviews anymore.

Just a short blog post again today. Not sorry. Still super busy. Hopefully I’ll get caught up on things soon. As always, there’s a giant selfie of me getting coffee below to fill up some space.

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