Gay Guys With Long Hair Can’t Find Dates

I usually keep short hair. Sometimes, like during crazy-busy periods of my life or pandemics, I don’t get a haircut for a while and I end up looking like Keanu Reeves’s not-as-good-looking cousin with a lazy eye. Sometimes the job I have dictates a haircut before it gets too bad, but I work at a pretty woke place and they do not give a crap. Therefore, my hair is too long. This is a problem because gay guys won’t date guys with long hair.

Eric Shay Howard Needs Haircut

I’m going to make every attempt possible tomorrow to get a haircut tomorrow on my lunch break. I’m at my limit with my hair. I’ve been avoiding a haircut due to COVID19, but I’m at that point. I don’t even want to open my Grindr because I’ve had long hair before and gay guys won’t date guys with long hair.

I procrastinate getting my haircut, too.

This is too much information, but I always put off the haircut an extra week or so anyways because I have a mole on my neck. Well, two moles on my neck. I have to cover them with Band-Aids before I go in or somehow the haircutter-person (barber?) will nick it with the clippers, and even though there’s a guard, it will bleed and freak everyone out. I need to get this mole removed. That will be another blog post.

How do you describe your haircut to your barber?

Another thing that happens is I usually show them a photo of my hair at its best. It’s actually my author photo for my book. It’s also on my bio page here on my blog. I think it’s in some other places, too. It is my favorite photo of me, even though it’s like three or four years old. I like it because I’m cute in it and it hides my neck-mole.

Yes, I’m that probably annoying person who uses a photo to show the person how I like my hair because I don’t understand what I’m trying to say about my hair. I just want my hair like this. The haircutter person will usually say something like, “your hair doesn’t do that.”

“Yes it does. This is me.”

“This is you?” 😲

They do not generally believe that this is me so I have to resort to just telling them to cut it to about an inch and a half, or two inches? I don’t know which length is right, which is why I show them the photo. The point is, getting my haircut is a lot of work.

But, I’m going to get a haircut tomorrow because I’m so over it. I forgot my contacts today and had to wear my glasses to work. I had some moments, you guys. Very angry, hair-pulling moments.

Gay guys with long hair struggle with finding dates.

I also struggle with dating when I have long hair. I don’t know why gay guys don’t like guys who have long hair. You’ll have to explain it to me in the comments at the bottom of this blog post. Guys tell me they don’t so I know I’m not making it up. They say “I’d date you, but you have long hair.” I think they’re just not attracted to me, and the long hair is an easy cop-out. I think if a really hot, muscular, Superman type guy was hitting on them and that Superman had long hair, they would date them. The problem is, when I do cut my hair, I’ll have to deal with the harsh reality that I’m just not good enough for some people. I guess that’s okay?

Right, I don’t know what this turned into. I’m getting my haircut tomorrow. I miss having short hair, and I’d like a date with a cute guy. And yes, I prefer having short hair, so I should have gotten my haircut sooner. I’m sorry.

Here are some old photos of me with long hair during another crazy-busy periods of my life, sometime between 2012-2013. I really do have beautiful long hair. I’m super proud of it. It’s like a little secret talent I have. I can grow long, pretty hair.

What do you think of guys with long hair? Are you gay? Do you hate guys with long hair? Why or why not? Would you date me? Okay, don’t answer that. I’m just feeling needy and lonely today.

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UPDATE: I got my haircut at 3pm. To take a late lunch, I had to sacrifice a small goat and sign a contract stating my gorgeous haircut wouldn’t result in me leaving the firm to become a new hit TV show personality, but I got it.

Eric Shay Howard short hair