Almost Done Editing My Fiction Collection Crushes

This week, I’ve been really focused on getting my book edited for the paperback release. That’s why my blog posts have been short and simple this week. I’d say I’m sorry about it, but I’m actually not. I’m almost done with the book proofing I think. Just a little more to go, and little more waiting around with a copy to make sure I don’t notice anything else for a week or so.

Also, my strategy that I shared yesterday about getting the Audible copy of The Goldfinch has really paid off. I listened to the equivalent of around one hundred pages yesterday between my time in the office and at home, which is way more than I could’ve read. Having a fulltime job really drains the time away from reading and writing. I know this isn’t a groundbreaking realization. But, at least I can still get out on my lunch and get a nice latte every day.

Also, I was going to share some fiction on my blog that I had written, but everything I’ve written this week has been too long and not polished enough. What started out as weird semi-autobiographical-but-still-fiction has morphed into definitely-fiction. I’m still writing about those same characters, which again, is unusual for me.

This is a quick post again, but maybe not as quick a the last few. So, hopefully that’s better. I still like blogging every day, even if they’re not all the greatest things out there.

Anyway, leave me a comment below and let me know how your Friday is going.

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  1. Kyle

    My Friday is going ok so far. It’s my day off and while I’m gonna do a couple of errands, I’m gonna spend the rest of it relaxing. Hope you get a day off soon too, you deserve it!

    1. Eric Shay Howard

      😀 I’ll probably be using the rest of my PTO soon. Only a few months left to use it.

      1. Kyle

        Awesome 👍

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