Recommendations Vs Mandates

Let’s talk about these new guidelines that Andy Beshear spoke about on 10/26:

First of all, these are recommendations, not mandates. So, no company in Jefferson county is going to allow their employees to work remotely voluntarily. Why would they? Everyone is trying to get people to come back into work spaces, attempting to return to normalcy as much as they can, even if all they can have is 50% capacity.

If these remain “recommendations” and not mandates, many people in these red-zone counties will be going into 2021 with potential performance-review issues for simply trying to do the right thing by either trying to get approval to work remotely or calling in too frequently at the last minute, because you can’t schedule being sick, or schedule having symptoms that most people would’ve come to work with anyway before 2020. Many companies still have a “if you’re not at the office, you’re not really working” mindset, which is severely incorrect and outdated. Some people have HR sending them daily reminders about not working in the office if they have symptoms, managers who prefer they’d come into the office, and friends telling them their fears and beliefs are stupid. Someone needs to clarify something, somewhere.

I think these new guidelines should be mandates, not “recommendations”. We’ll see what happens Monday, but I’m not holding my breath.

Some of my friends say maybe they’re waiting until after the election to switch them to mandates. That seems like a possibility, but I just don’t think that’s even on the agenda, either. I think it’s going to be up to individuals to do the right thing. I think people are going to lose jobs over it. I think 2021 is going to be an even more complicated year than 2020.

That’s all.

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Yes My Arms Are Still Sore! And the news this week has been not cool.

It’s still raining. I won’t be going to the gym today either. My arms STILL sore anyways.

Also, the grand jurors stated that they asked about other charges in the Breonna Taylor case.

The coronavirus infections continue to rise in Kentucky. 1,884 new cases yesterday. A new record. Still no new “mandates” because people in this state are so very uneducated and won’t understand.

And, all the guys on Grindr still just want to hookup. Like, they don’t even try to pretend for 5 minutes they want something else. I miss that about dating.

Honestly, my friend in prison who I wrote a while back still writes me weekly and that’s been the highlight of my life lately. Well, that and my fiction collection. I’m just making sure I don’t see any other typos or goofs before I push the buttons.

I’m not depressed, just tired. Is it the weekend, yet?

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I’m Walking Around With The Final Proof Copy of Crushes for A Week

Yes, finally, I’ll soon be walking around with the final proof copy of the paperback of my fiction collection, Crushes. I’ll do this for about a week, and then if nothing sticks out to me as OMG, I’ll hit the publish button and it’ll be available to purchase in a physical paperback. I’ll probably continue to carry it around because I’ll think it’s super cool for a while. Then I’ll get over it and write another one.

This means it’s looking like it will be available for purchase super soon. It will be priced at $7.99.

It’s hard to stop rewriting them, but at a certain point I guess you just sort of have to and move on and write more stuff.

Eric Shay Howard Author of Crushes Selfie
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It Was Cold And Rainy So I Didn’t Go To The Gym

One thing I didn’t think about when I said I’d go to the gym every day for 30 days was the weather. Yesterday it was cold and rainy so I couldn’t really walk to the gym and didn’t have a ride, so OOOPS. I didn’t go to the gym yesterday. I can deal with cold most of the time and I can deal with snow. Rain messes me up. To make matters a little worse, it looks like it’s going to rain again today and there’s a chance of rain the rest of the week until the weekend. So, I picked the worst time to commit to the gym for 30 days straight. I’ll try to go to the gym today, if it’s not raining on my way home. I might wait up tonight a little while and see if things clear up. There’s also the possibility that someone will give me a ride, but that is never a guarantee.

Louisville Is A Coronavirus Red Zone

AND, to make things just even that much more complicated, the governor recommended counties that are in the red-zone in Kentucky go back to working from home and limiting activity out of the house. They are only “recommendations”, and not mandates, which means no one will follow them. But, we SHOULD follow them, so I’m not sure what I’m going to do about that. It makes sense to me: everyone shut down and follow the guidelines for a week or two, and then red counties won’t be red anymore. Jefferson county and the city of Louisville is currently a red zone with coronavirus infections. But, the gym is a matter of my personal health. One big thing I need to do is lower my blood pressure, which is one of the motivations for figuring out the gym.

My Arms Still Hurt From The Gym

Also, my arms are still super sore anyways from when I went to the gym Sunday. Maybe I shouldn’t go to the gym anyways. Or at least maybe I shouldn’t work out my arms. I don’t know how to use any of the leg equipment yet, but maybe I could figure that out. Maybe. Most of the equipment had instructions on it, and I could always look stuff up on YouTube or an app, but that is a little tricky because every piece of equipment and every brand is a little different.

So, I clearly have some thinking and planning to do. My day job hasn’t mentioned anything about the governor’s recommendations.

Another busy day. I’ll let you know if I figure anything out about the gym tomorrow.

Eric Shay Howard at gym
Me at the gym
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I Finished The Goldfinch

Yes, I finally finished reading The Goldfinch, the book I started reading back in the fall of 2015. I don’t really do book reviews anymore, at least not in written form. But, the one thing I will say about it is that if it taught me only one thing, that one thing is how to linger in a novel.

Here are some of my tweets as I was reading it.

When I say “finished reading”, what I mean is being read to. I listened to the Audible version all weekend. Turns out I like audio books now. I may finish some other books I’d been neglecting for a long time as well by getting them on Audible. Maybe. I also got some new Bluetooth headphones, which I can’t believe I waited so long to get.

I may listen to some other books this week as I use my new gym membership and figure out how the gym works.

Anyway, it’s Monday, so this is a short post again. How is your Monday going? Comment below.

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I listened to The Goldfinch on Audible at the gym.
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