My Attempts At Gay Thirst-Trap Photos

Sometimes I fall victim to gay thirst-trap Twitter. I’m not sorry. Some of ya’ll are just hot. Every now and then, I also like to write a blog post that reminds everyone that I’m gay. I wish I was hot enough to do a gay thirst-trap photo.

I’ve decided to try to do my own gay thirst-trap photo anyway. I make weird decisions sometimes.

I’ve tried this a few times in the past. I’m generally left pretty disappointed in how my photos turn out. But, I’m looking into starting Krav Maga classes and working on getting more fit. Even if these photos are super awful, at least I’ll have something to look at when judging my body progress.

Anyway, here are all of my attempts at my own thirst-trap photo on Twitter. This probably won’t go well.

My Thirst-Trap Photos on Twitter

This was after taking a bunch of selfies that just, well, didn’t work. However, I settled on this one just being okay.

This was attempt number two. Looking at my chest in the last one, I decided to hide it this time. Better, but not great. It got the job done, though, I guess?

I was braver by now. Above all, you have to be brave enough first. I think that’s the secret? Well, probably not because I still don’t know what I’m doing.

After that, I gave up on selfies and just wanted to look pretty once. I realized that I have a cute face. For instance, I haven’t trimmed my beard and it’s in the perfect sexy face shape. I’m still not crazy about my lazy eye, but that’s not completely in my control.

So, after many days of trial and error, inner epiphanies, and soul searching, I gave it one last try. And this, friends, is where the money is.

I’m very pleased with this photo that I took last night before bed. I’ve found my angle and this is now my default thirst-trap photo look. I’m very proud of myself.

Are you comfortable enough with your body to take thirst-trap photos?

eric shay Howard's shirtless gay thirst-trap photo

In conclusion, I’m still not 100% in love with my body or anything, but this is a step in the right direction. Do you take weird shirtless selfies? Are you ashamed of your nips? Do you shy away from the thirst-trap photos?

Leave me a comment and share your struggles! Also, post the thirst-traps! You can contact me via my contact page, follow me on Twitter, and like my page on Facebook.