I’m Awful At Taking PrEP

Yup, I’m on PrEP. Well, I was on PrEP. Well, I’m off and on PrEP. I’m pretty convinced that if I was HIV positive, I’d have all kinds of problems because I’m awful at taking PrEP. I can’t take a pill on time or even at all sometimes.

Why am I on PrEP? Especially since I’ve talked before about how I don’t really like to hook up with strangers? Well, I make horrible decisions sometimes, you guys. I bought a shake-weight once. I’m super glad that PrEP exists. I definitely want to stay on it. One day, some really hot guy will be like, “hey”, and then my no-hooking-up streak will be over. (Boyfriend applicants, please see the comments.)

Taking PrEP Is Supposed To Be Easy

I get my PrEP through the mail because it’s just easier. It’s through Nurx. They send me a kit in the mail every three months and I just do everything at home, seal it up, send it in. I can’t even do that right. I’m supposed to prick my fingers with this giant fucking needle and saturate two index cards with blood. I also have to tinkle in a bottle and swab my holes.

Nurx prep test kit

The giant needle is crazy because it doesn’t really look that big. At first glance I thought it was like one of those lancets you prick your finger with to check your blood sugar. You know, just a few drops of blood come out and that’s it. Nope, wrong. So much blood, you guys! The needle goes deeper into your finger than those diabetes testing lancets. Trust me; be prepared if it’s your first time doing PrEP by mail.

As for the pill itself? It’s fine. It’s not too crazy big or anything. You just have to remember to take the thing. You also have to keep up with your labs. For those of you like me who still need to accidentally open an Excel spreadsheet and organize your life, that’s hard. Well, it’s not easy. Well, maybe it is. I just suck at it.

Taking PrEP

I’m starting to think I should just get PrEP at my doctor’s office the old fashioned way. I’d like to think I wouldn’t put that off for too long, but who knows? I’ve had my test kit for weeks and I’m on my last pill. It’s going to take at least a week to get the labs back. Then probably a week to get the refill. Do you get your labs for your PrEP done at the doctor, or do you do it through the mail? Which is better? Let me know in the comments.


Also, for those of you that don’t know what PrEP is, it’s Pre-exposure prophylaxis. The brand name of the drug is Truvada. There’s also a newer version called Descovy. They’re made by the same manufacturer, Gilead. Descovy is just newer and I think it will soon replace Truvada? Anyway, it’s super effective at preventing HIV infections in people who are HIV negative and have sex with men who are HIV positive.

I mean, I might actually meet someone one day you guys! I get out of the house! I’m cool!

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