I Want To Cut Down On Eating Meat

For a few months, my roommate and I have been exploring ways to cut down on eating meat. Mainly we’ve been eating too much red meat, but we do eat way too much meat in general. He gets these vegan burger patties from Whole Foods and it’s my job to cook them. It turns out, vegan burgers are pretty good.

Also, did you know that you can get groceries from Amazon now if you live near a Whole Foods? Here are the burgers we get. They’re “Beyond Burgers”. I’m not a strict vegan so I haven’t done that much research into the brand or anything. Just so you know, I’m a member of the Amazon Associate program and I earn from qualifying purchases with the ad below.

No, they don’t taste like a beef patty, but they taste good anyway. I try not to over-season them, but I do season them a little bit. I usually just throw some simple sea salt and black pepper.

I like hot sauce on mine. My roommate hates hot sauce. I put cheese on mine mine. My roommate doesn’t like that, either. One day he’ll just have to deal with it probably, because I’m not a professional chef and will forget one of these days.

I’m going to try to cut down on eating meat a few times a week.

Anyway, I could see myself eating vegan food a few times a week. I guess it’s not actually vegan food if I put cheese on it, and a lot of other stuff, but it’s a step in the right direction. I’m also starting some Krav Maga classes so I can get more physically active. Exercise is important, but so is eating right. I still like meat, but I think the trick is moderation. It seems that we’re finding we all just eat way too much meat. Of course, everything about food changes all the time because there’s still a lot we don’t know about it.

Vegan food is also very expensive. Some of the prices are starting to come down a little bit, but it’s still not at the price it needs to be. I suppose there’s other ways to not eat as much meat besides getting expensive vegan food? I think pasta dishes cut down on it a lot. There are also some really interesting things you can do with Cauliflower and peppers that I want to try.

Leave me a comment and let me know what are some of your preferred meat-cutting meals? I could always do pasta every day of the weak. I also don’t require meat in my spaghetti. My roommate does, though. You can contact me via my contact page, follow me on Twitter, and like my page on Facebook.