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Democrats, Please Stop Discouraging Donations To Amy McGrath

Fellow democrats, I have a problem.

This chart is making its rounds on Twitter:

This chart comes from

The problem it seems is specifically on Twitter. I get where some of my friends are coming from, but it is problematic in my opinion.

For whatever reason, even though it’s only September, people have decided to go ahead and call the 2020 election in Kentucky for Mitch McConnell. People are saying that you should stop giving money to Amy McGrath and give money to some other campaigns where it would be easier to flip senate seats.

And that, in my opinion, is why Mitch McConnell always wins. People give up. In case you’ve been living under a rock for a long time, here’s the truth: it’s probably always been easier to flip other senate seats instead of Mitch McConnell’s.

Please donate to Amy McGrath if you want to.

Donating to a candidate that you want to win is not a waste of money. Money is how politicians maximize productivity and win votes. By all means, donate to Amy McGrath if you can. Some of us still live in Kentucky and would rather not call the election this early in September or give up on Amy McGrath. Surely you don’t expect Kentucky democrats to stop donating to Amy McGrath and give money to only those other campaigns where it’s easier to flip seats?

I’m begging you, fellow democrats. Please stop discouraging voters from donating to Amy McGrath’s campaign. How are Kentuckians supposed to ever elect someone else with this attitude in our own party? Do we always have to get sacrificed just because it would be easier to go for other races in other states? If you want to encourage other donations to other campaigns, great! But please stop discouraging this specific donation. It is counter-productive.

I love you, Twitter. I’m not sure what happened this time, but stop handing the election to Mitch McConnell, especially this early. It’s only September, guys.

I’ve voiced my opinion about this on Twitter, and I don’t think people agree with me. I’m still going to try.

How are your local senate races going?

I hope that your local elections go well in your own states, and I encourage you to donate for your local hopeful. Also, if you do have the money and you would like to donate to Amy McGrath’s campaign, I encourage you to do so.

Are you voting this election? If you’re not, you should. Are you voting by mail? In-person? Leave me a comment and let me know. Have you donated to any of your local senate races? The presidential campaign? If you’re not in the US, how’s the view? How are things going on your end?

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leave me a comment below so that I’m not talking to the void. It would also be nice if the content reached past my ridiculously long sidebar 😉


One response to “Democrats, Please Stop Discouraging Donations To Amy McGrath”

  1. […] I hope Joe Biden comes across as a little more confident in the next debate. I hope Trump shut’s the fuck up in the next debate, too. I’m also hoping Amy McGrath beats Mitch McConnell for senate in Kentucky. I complained last week about how disappointed I am that my fellow democrats are discouraging donations to Amy McGrath. […]

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