I Got A New Job and I Started Making Candles

At some point, this blog post got deleted and lost forever. It was the only blog post I wrote in 2019, I think. I can’t find it. It’s the only blog post I couldn’t recover. I wanted to put a version of it back on my blog. I’m doing this because I hate that there’s a 1 year gap between blog posts. I’m writing this from the perspective of the COVID19 pandemic in 2020, but I’ll try to get the gist of what the post was about in 2019.

Anyway, I hadn’t posted in a while because I got a new job and started working a lot. Unfortunately I also got too busy for the literary magazine after the other editors moved on to other projects. I had to put it on hiatus, although I didn’t really make an announcement because I never really saw the point in announcing a literary magazine shutter when it probably wasn’t permanent anyway.

I also started making candles as a hobby, but that was all it ended up being because I was still too busy to run a candle store.

Also, I’m still hopelessly single and blah-blah-blah.