Thirteen Stories Into My First Fiction Collection

Last week dragged by, as evident by my complaints on Twitter about it.

It was a week of recovering from my Chicago trip, job hunting, and interviews. I know. I’m looking for a new job, again. My income levels have fluctuated so much this year. Maybe next year will be different. I just genuinely don’t know what I want to do anymore. Well, I know I want to write, but I don’t know what I want to do until I make enough money with my writing to not have to do something else. When I graduated in May, I focused on finding an administrative assistant type job, but didn’t have any luck so I went back to customer service. This could take years. So many years of income-level fluctuations. I’m not thrilled about it.

I also merged my first fiction collection with my new stories that I’ve been working on for my second collection. I discovered that, through the magic of math, when I combined my new stories with my first collection, it’s actually long enough now.



What this means is that instead of being like 6 or 7 stories into my second fiction, I’m actually 13 stories into my first fiction collection. I lost some of the stories because they just didn’t go with the others, but it’s fine. It doesn’t matter. It’s only my first fiction collection. Do I look worried? DO I?

I’m excited to have a working collection that’s long enough for some contests without having to manipulate fonts. There’s a particular contest I’ve always wanted to submit a collection to, but I’ve never had the word count long enough. It’s like a little mini dream-come-true. A few of the newer stories probably still need another rewrite, but those’ll come with time.

This week, I’m still working on a longer short story that seems like it’s going to turn into something a little bigger. I’m also working on something interesting for Friday’s short fiction post. You’ll see my progress on that at the end of the week.

In the meantime, leave me comments about any interesting short stories you’ve read, blog’s you’ve found, or dreams-come-trues you’ve had recently.

Here’s last Friday’s story, “Dialing For A Paycheck”, which took a few times to get right. That might happen again sooner or later. I’m not afraid anymore.

And, I didn’t get to see Star Wars: The Last Jedi this weekend, so hush up about that.

Also, here’s one of my recent rejection letters. This one is from Outlook Springs.

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