I Skipped Monday Because I Went To Chicago And I Just Couldn’t, Like, Even

This weekend I went to Chicago.

I tried to plan ahead and get some writing done for the blog so that I could continue to post things. It didn’t work because I’m a complete and total lazy ass. I posted last Friday’s short fiction story as-is anyway, just because.

I thought for this coming Friday’s fiction post, I’d just sort of completely fucking redo last Friday’s story. I’ll let you know how the rewrite goes. Well, you’ll see how it goes, I guess. I was going to tell you all of this blog-housekeeping stuff on Monday’s blog post, but I decided to skip Monday because I just couldn’t, like, even.

I went to my part-time job Monday morning on 3 hours of sleep since Sunday morning and was a completely dysfunctional asshole. Today was better. (Tuesday, but it’ll be Wednesday when you read this, I think. I don’t even know anymore.)


Here are some pictures I took while I was in Chicago.

About the only useful thing I managed to do while I was in Chicago was take some pictures. Since I owe you guys a post, I figured I’d throw some of them up here.

A post shared by Eric Howard (@ericshayhoward) on Technically this wasn’t after my first train ride, because my friend and I got on the wrong train first and then came back to here while we waited on another one. It was my first picture in Chicago, though.

A post shared by Eric Howard (@ericshayhoward) on This was the other side. You know what? Maybe the other picture was after this one. It doesn’t matter. I think it’s Downtown Chicago. I didn’t look it up because I’m terrible with directions and maps.

A post shared by Eric Howard (@ericshayhoward) on When my friend and I needed breakfast, we walked around for about 20 minutes in the cold Downtown and found this place. We couldn’t figure out the name of i. It wasn’t on anything inside the building. We forgot to look at the building when we were back outside. I tagged it at some point over the weekend, but it’s only an educated guess. I should really pay more attention to my surroundings.

A post shared by Eric Howard (@ericshayhoward) on Here’s the Small Presses section of a local bookstore in Chicago. I can’t remember the name of it, because like I said, I should really pay more attention.

A post shared by Eric Howard (@ericshayhoward) on Here’s a picture of me, of course. The Allerton was the hotel I stayed at in Chicago.

A post shared by Eric Howard (@ericshayhoward) on Here’s the last picture I took in Chicago. It’s at the same train station as the first picture, in the same place, looking out at the same street. I had fun. Chicago is a beautiful city. I might move there. I’m going to do some more traveling, apply for MFA programs, write, meet people, and see where I end up.

So there’s all the stuff I was doing instead of editing the fiction post for last Friday.

I’m going to give it a rewrite this week. Maybe it’ll be cool. Maybe not. See you all Friday with the new draft of the short story.

And, I’m sorry for not posting on Monday. I made a commitment to try and stay consistent with this blog and fucked up not even a few weeks into my goal.

Here’s last Friday’s short fiction story, “The Greatest”, which I hate the title of, by the way, and hope to gawsh I can find something better for it before the rewrite.

Here’s the Friday before last’s story that’s actually kinda good.

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