If My Blog Was As Good As The Others I’d Not Have Posted This

If my blog was a good as that other blog you read, I wouldn’t be posting about how I’d normally save Wednesdays for an author interview, or maybe a book review. But since I have no book reviews or author interviews, I’ll just have to post about what I post on Mondays, which is usually about how my writing is going.

I’m writing. It’s sentence by sentence. It’s slow. I don’t have ideas. I just sit down and write words. I get ideas from reading my first drafts.

If this was an author interview, I’d probably ask them if they got ideas first. If they said yes, I’d probably ask them where their ideas come from. Then I’d ask about their writing process. Their daily structure. I suspect most don’t have daily structures. I don’t. Well, not yet. Don’t think I want it. In hindsight, this author interview would probably end up being more about me than them. I guess I’d be a terrible interviewer. It doesn’t matter. My only standard right now is my worst story. Besides, this is my blog. I can write whatever the hell I want. I couldn’t if this blog was as good as the other blogs.

(At the end of the author interview, there’d be a link to their book and their website and all of that stuff. I’d thank them for coming. Well, for listening. It’d probably be done remotely. I’m pretty introverted. Unrelated, I suppose. The bigger reason would be because of the distance. And then I’d end it somehow making it about me again. IF this blog was as good as those other blogs by writers who blog about their writing.)



I wrote this because I wanted to post an author interview but didn’t have one. I know, I need better shit. Give me a minute. I write stuff like I drink beer. Slow. My professors and writer friends all say I have to write all the time and all my blog friends say I have to post a lot of blogs, so I’m sure you understand. At least Friday is short story day. I’ve been busy editing fiction. I’m sure that’s why this didn’t go so well. Just come back Friday to read a new short story.

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  1. A.S. Akkalon

    Haha. You write not-interviews the way I write not-reviews. And I have to say this post was much more entertaining than many of the author interviews I’ve read. 🙂

    1. Eric

      Thank you! I will definitely be checking into more of your not-reviews over the weekend, blog-binge style.

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