Five Stories Into My Second Fiction Collection

Last week I tried this thing where I had three short story drafts, put up a Twitter poll asking which one I should edit and post onto my blog, and then posted this short story about a man who glows in the dark on Friday. I was writing some this weekend and I decided to try it again. The catch is I only have two short stories kind of ready for editing this time.

There’s a story about a woman who hates her job as a payroll accountant for a medical library where a toxic chemical is being used. It’s kind of linked to the short story that I posted last week. There’s also, barely, a mystery/detective story about a murder outside of a fundraiser because I felt like making a detective character. It might or might not be in the same universe as the story I posted last week. That’s just how these things go, sometimes.

There’s still time to vote in the poll on Twitter, because I’ve set the poll to run until Wednesday evening, around 7:30pm EST. Vote on.

Update: 11/29/17 10:25PM EST

The winner of the fiction poll this time was the murder mystery story. Considering it’s the one that needs the most work, I’d better get to editing.


I’m really pleased with my progress on the three stories I wrote last week. I hate making promises like making this a normal weekly thing for the blog, but I think I’ll do it as long as I can keep the momentum going, or at least until  I get enough stories for another collection going. Or, you know, just this once more. I’m really terrible at making long term decisions.

Oh, and I’m sending my first collection out again and submitting more of the stories in it to other literary journals. I’ve gotten a few almosts and we-would-have-published-this-ifs, so I’m fairly confident that something will happen with it soon.

In case you missed the creative energy I put into the links up in the first paragraph, here’s a link to the story I posted last Friday. Also, here’s another piece of fiction I wrote the week before. Also, leave me comments and pay attention to me.

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