I Didn’t Blog For A Month Because I Almost Got A Client

I took a month off from blogging to focus on my freelance editing business.

Business isn’t exactly booming yet, but there’s been a little activity here and there. I’ve mostly received questions about my services. How much do I charge for freelance editing? What’s considered short? Long? How long does it normally take for what I need? It was a good opportunity to look at the details of what I’ll be doing and re-clarify and reclassify some things. You can see a more focused and detailed page about what editing services I offer here.

During my month off, I did some traveling and some local event-going.

In my time away from blogging there was a Pride festival on Bardstown Road, a food truck festival Downtown, and the termination of UofL’s  basketball coach Rick Pitino. Honestly, the most interesting thing for me was the food truck festival. I ordered a chicken sandwich with “hot shit” sauce. They make it and scream “chicken and fries, hot shiiiit!” out the window for you to come and get it. Everyone snickers as you do it. It’s super interesting.

After the food truck festival, I managed to get in one trip to Cincinnati last month.

I went to the comic expo there and I didn’t buy anything or take any pictures. There wasn’t anything Batman or Spider-Man related that I wanted or needed and I only saw one cute guy in a Miles Morales Spidey costume. I ate at a burger joint a few blocks down from the comic expo that I forgot the name of, saw Big Bang Theory’s Kevin Sussman walking towards the burger place on my way back, and contemplated as to whether or not Cincinnati was considered to be out of the Bible Belt enough for me to move to it or not. The Bible-Belt is really starting to get old.

Now that I’m back in Louisville, I’m focusing on my freelance business.

Nothing energizes your focus on building your editing business like when you realize you have some inquiries about it through your Facebook page. Apparently Facebook Page notifications don’t always work the best. I’m keeping a close eye on my Facebook page messages now. I was even able to repair my response rate. The earlier I make mistakes like these, the better. This way, I’m less likely to make these mistakes when I have even more clients.

So now that it’s November, I’m back to blogging. The break wasn’t exactly planned, but it was welcome. I’m still working a part-time job while I work on building my Freelance editing business so that I can edit things for people for money. I hope the questions from potential clients continue. I’m also hoping the blogging continues to help me reach and meet new people.

If you’re interested in my editing services, please contact me using my contact form or using my social media below.

Twitter: twitter.com/ericshayhoward

Facebook: facebook.com/ericshayhoward

Instagram: Instagram.com/ericshayhoward

If you know of a nice, affordable area in a major city that’s not in the Bible-Belt for me to contemplate moving to in the future, feel free to comment about that below. Or just leave me a comment about anything.