I Went To Worldfest And Got A Freelance Business Idea

My boyfriend and I sometimes watch Criminal Minds on the couch while we play on our phones and stuff.

He mentioned Worldfest, I assumed because he saw it on his Facebook feed. It was in Downtown Louisville. We decided to go at 4pm. It was 9am. My boyfriend fell asleep. He does that sometimes. He works a lot. I don’t work as much. I’m not cut out for working full time in a traditional job. I need to make my own hours. Do my own thing. I’ve been thinking about a freelance business idea for a while – a freelance personal assistant thing. I’m trying to get that going.When my boyfriend falls asleep on the couch at 9am, I go out for coffee down a few blocks from my apartment.

Once I get my coffee, I usually get sidetracked. I’ll read some stuff from my messenger bag, sit and people watch at the coffee shop where everyone sits by themselves and reads, and maybe write a page of something. This time, I brainstormed a bit more on my freelance business idea.

At 12pm, my boyfriend texted that he was hungry. I grabbed nuggets from McDonalds. 20 for 5. I didn’t get beverages because I still had some coffee. He was waiting for the nuggets when I got back home. We ate on the couch.

Sometimes when we eat on the couch, my boyfriend and I watch NCIS.

We did that until he fell asleep again. At 4pm I woke him up and said it was time to go to Worldfest. He didn’t want to go because he was sleepy.

I get it. He works a lot. I don’t. I’m definitely more of a freelance kind of guy. Or short shifts. Definitely no full days on a “clock” or anything like that. So while he was sleeping, I thought about what kind of work I could do in between my temporary jobs, writing, and blogging. I thought up some more on my freelance personal assistant business. I typed up some stuff. When I was done typing up a rough business plan, I was still determined to go to Worldfest. I took the bus.

Worldfest was incredibly crowded.

Being by myself, I got overwhelmed quickly. I stayed maybe 20 minutes. I didn’t buy anything or try any food. I texted a friend. He said there was a band called Sneeze-bot at a bar in Germantown. I got back on the bus. I arrived at Nachbar at 7:15. The band started at 8. They were interesting. It was a piano led jazzy band that covered various 80s songs, only one of which I recognized as “Do You Really Want To Hurt Me”, I think. I stayed till 9. My boyfriend had ordered pizza when I got back. We ate pizza and watched more Criminal Minds. We ate, then watched an episode of Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath. When he went back to bed, I worked on my freelance business idea some more.

I stayed up late working on my freelance business idea.

The next day, my friend Kyle texted me and said he wanted to go to Worldfest. I said I was broke and that I should stay home. I worked more on my business idea. What kinds of stuff did I want to do for people? Groceries? Errands? Would people deal with me taking the bus everywhere?

An hour later, my friend texted me back and really wanted me to go to Worldfest, so I went again. I stayed longer this time, a few hours at least.  I tried lots of stuff. The only food I really enjoyed was a corn/cheese cake thing, and a lemonade. I ran my business idea by my friend in the car. He didn’t say it was terrible. I went home, posted a Craigstlist ad, put some stuff about it up on my website, and now here I go. Getting clients is the hardest part.

I’ll probably skip Worldfest next year.

Here is the information for my freelance personal assistant business.

Any advice from fellow freelancers or anyone who knows anything about running your own freelance business would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to leave me a comment below and critique the heck out of it.

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eric shay howard - freelance personal assistant - at Worldfest 2017 drinking lemonade