I Found My Favorite Coffee Shop In A New Location, Hidden Behind Construction

Friday, I only had one goal: to switch banks. To do that, I had to get a new photo ID with my new address on it. But I noticed that my favorite coffee place in Louisville, Quills, had opened a new location Downtown. When your favorite coffee place opens a new location in a convenient space, you check it out. It’s just what you do. I halted everything and checked it out.

The layout is much more spacious than the one on campus, which makes sense I guess, since it’s not on campus and it’s downtown. It’s a more modern and very minimalistic, in the cool way and not lazy way. It’s right on my bus route, too. Now I have reason to stop in the Nulu area of Downtown Louisville every day. The only issue is theres just too much construction around it for the walk from Quills to other areas Downtown to be enjoyable right now. I always walk, though, if it’s going to take 30 minutes or less to get to where I’m going.

Half way to 6th and Jefferson, I couldn’t remember if could get my ID in the Circuit Court building on 6th street or not. With all the construction, I couldn’t even figure out where that was anyway. I haven’t been in there since 2014, when I first moved to Louisville to finish my BA at UofL. I googled the Jefferson County Driver’s License building, but I couldn’t even get to the building because the bus I was waiting never came. So after navigating 3 construction projects downtown with no bus stop signage to alert me of detours, I got stressed out and went home.

I’m better waiting until Monday, when I can get on the same bus down by my apartment towards the Jefferson County Driver’s License building. The problem is I’ll have to skip stopping at Quills if I’m in a hurry. And I really love my Quills coffee. And here I am, trying to get clients for my Freelance Personal Assistant business, using green transportation as one of my major business practices, hoping for a lot of clients Downtown because public transportation Downtown is supposed to be super easy.

Speaking of clients, I still don’t really have any, but it’s only been a week. I’m not so great at the marketing side of things yet. I’m just continuing forward anyway, though. So far, I’ve got ads on Facebook and Craigslist. I haven’t been using Facebook to market my blog properly in the past, so I’m trying to fix that now a little as I go along with my business. Client-woes aside, at least I can have my Quills coffee again. I just hope the construction and road work ends soon.

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