I Watched The Eclipse and Read A Book About Money

I have weird eyes.

My vision is awful. The eclipse was terrifying for me. One wrong look or turn of the head up and bam, there goes my vision. Well, probably. I don’t really know. I don’t really look up at the sun all that much. It doesn’t seem like a very productive use of my time.

Louisville, KY was a 95% zone for the eclipse last week on August 21st, 2017.

My friend wanted to travel to a 100% zone a few hours away. I work at a new job and can’t be late. Not yet, anyway. I agreed, even though I was terrified of looking at the sun, even through special eclipse glasses. I just had to make sure I could get to my new job in time. An hour away wasn’t a big deal, but my friends wanted to go to Hopkinsville, Kentucky. That was 2.5 hours away. Bowling Green was just under 2 hours. I was very clear that I could only travel 1 hour away from Louisville to be back in time to get to work. My friends are my friends because they’re cool with my being boring like that. We made it as far as Elizabethtown, Kentucky.

Elizabethtown wasn’t really any better of a view from what I could tell.

We pulled over into a McDonald’s parking lot and just watched it from there. I had 2 ice cream cones, which I ate with my neck bent down the whole time. After I finally took my friend’s glasses and looked up at the sun a few times, I was content with the only real eclipse experience I’m going to have ever again.

First of all, my crossed eyes kept crossing while I wore the glasses, like they were trying to find the light or something. They found it in the slight space between my nose and the inner corners of the frames. Completely terrifying. I spent the rest of my time in the McDonald’s parking lot looking down at my feet and eating my ice cream. Then the tint changed and the eclipse was over. I made it to work at my new job on time and I can still see, so I put the day in the win column.

My new job is temporary, and only around 20 hours a week.

But I get paid more per hour and make just as much as I was making when I took that first job after I finished college back in May. So once again, win column. Lots of downtime. Time to go places and do things, time to blog, time to think up other stuff to do.

When I didn’t know what to write about or where to go to try to find something to write about, I picked up a copy of some interesting investing books.

One of them was The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham. I figure if I’m going to really do this “do-what-I-want” thing, it would be good to teach myself a little more about saving money, investing, and being one of those, what’s it called? Entrepreneur? Yes. That’s not what I am exactly, it’s how I feel.

So, writing, blogging when I’m stuck on my writing, and working sometimes to get money, and then saving all the money so I can not work as much next year and be a better writer, blogger, entrepreneur thing. Plans. I have them. Win column again. I don’t know exactly when I’ll post another blog post because I also found out I’m a horrible planner this week, as evident by the no blog posts. And the whole hating-to-work thing and emo-quitting my job, then getting a new one. I’m also still slightly afraid that the eclipse did screw up my eyes and that it’ll just take a week and a day for something bad to happen. But I’ll try to do something else and then blog about it this week.

In the meantime, leave me a comment below so that it looks like my blog posts are really important. And I promise to read them unless it would make me late for my new job, which I just can’t quit because it’s the pay and the hours make it a really good work/life balance. Or you know, until I get bored with it or whatever.

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  1. Pete Jakubowski

    Awesome Post, Eric! I always look forward to them! You have such a unique of pulling things together to make them interesting to read! KUDOS to you!

    1. Eric

      Thanks Pete! I try! 😁

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