So I’m Trying To Grow My Audience And It’s Hard

I’ve been reading a lot of that advice that people have about growing your blog and your following.

I’ve been implementing it slowly over the last few weeks. Not only have I been interacting more on Twitter with my head held high, but I’m finding some really interesting people and getting more followers. I’m not sure how much of it exactly translates over into growth for this blog, but baby steps, people. I don’t want to get overwhelmed.

But then again, getting overwhelmed is usually super helpful for me.

When I have too much to do, there’s at least a good chance that I’ll do some of it. You don’t even know how helpful that is for me. When I take things too slow, I usually stop doing them or find something else to do. So today I’ll continue my adventures on Twitter, since I don’t work again until Friday. It’s going to be fun. I can do this. I already did. You know it because you’re reading this; I just don’t know it yet.

And then there’s Instagram.

But I’m not very good at photos. I’m not very good at Twitter either, but at least it’s text and I’m pretty half-decent with that, having an English degree now and all. I wonder when I have to start paying back my student loans? Oops, see? Got distracted. No more distractions. Today there is only Twitter. And Instagram. But Instagram is kind of on the back burner. It’s like, that thing that I know I have to do, but I also have Twitter to do. I also have a book to read and a review to write, and more books to find for more book reviews. Also I have story submissions to read for Likely Red Magazine. So much! That means there’s a pretty good chance that I’ll get at least get some of this done today, but definitely Twitter.

Here are some of my interesting Tweets from this week.

Well, maybe interesting isn’t the right word. These are the tweets that people interacted with, for some reason. Someone who either majored in or would have majored in communications or social science if they went to college should probably chime in and tell me why.

Yes, that’s right. My boyfriend and I just moved into this apartment. When we moved in a few weeks ago, the cost to wash a load of clothes was $1.50. It was $1.50 to dry, too. I guess they decided they weren’t making enough money and increased the price to $2.00. I washed clothes a lot when I had a washer/dryer in my own apartment and never had an exceedingly high water bill. But whatever. What can you do? Laundry has to be done. I don’t want to take a bus to go to a laundry mat. Besides, if this is the worst thing that happens all week, then it’s just first-world problems I guess.

Seriously? Like, we just moved in. WE LIVE HERE. Apparently there is an ordinance that states no “unlicensed” vehicles are to be parked anywhere in Louisville, KY except for in a garage unless it’s on privately owned property. This is news to me. But either way, the car WAS LICENSED. My boyfriend just didn’t have his sticker on, for whatever reason. Yes, he probably should’ve had his sticker on, but I’ve never heard of people walking around apartment complexes looking for tags on cars. Public parking lots or streets, sure. Tow away. But right outside someone’s apartment? Assholes.

Sorry about the all caps. And the assholes. Well, no I’m not. I’m still very upset about this and it’s not even my car. That’s $175 of my boyfriend’s money that I was going to use to not be stressed out about money while I’m still trying to find my job off campus.

Speaking of my on-campus job, I took this photo of Slugger Field on the way to work. I’m super proud of it. It’s on my Instagram, but right now there is only Twitter so this is the tweet of it. It’s amazing how well this photo looks. I missed my calling. Eric Shay Howard – passenger-side-car-photographer. If it’s not a thing, it is now. Where’s my resume?

Then of course when I went on lunch at work I found a pretty new bike rack with electronic card readers. THIS WOULD HAVE BEEN HANDY WHILE I WAS A STUDENT AT UofL. “Oh, Eric doesn’t need a bike. There’s no way that would make his life any easier. We should just wait until Eric graduates before we spend money on new bike-rental-systems.” I see how it is.

Actually, there’s a good chance the bike rack is for the high school across the street from UofL. I don’t actually know. I just know that it’s there now. My undergraduate career at UofL would’ve been a lot easier with one of these since I don’t drive. Students can only participate in the bike-voucher program if they “give up” their parking pass to get a free bike. If you can’t drive because of your peripheral vision, you don’t have a license to get a car to get a parking pass for to give up for a bike voucher.

So I took another picture when my friend from work was giving me a ride home out of the kindness of his heart. It’s not as fancy as the Slugger Field picture, but I still like it. There’s no real context to it and the different shades of blue.

Not bad for my first week of having over 1000 followers on Twitter.

I mean, there’s definitely room for improvement though. On like, all areas. And then of course one day, there’s room to do better on Instagram. The trick is not to forget about this blog in the process.

If you like my blog, leave a comment, especially if you spent all that time doing a communications-major/social-science-major analysis of why those tweets got the likes.

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