How To Move: Don’t – It’s Awful And I Hate It

Dear everyone, I hate moving.

Not necessarily the moving part, but everything else that moving implies about a person’s life for the next week or so, I completely hate. I hate job hunting. Doing 10’s of loads of laundry in a day really sucks. I hate having to coordinate with the cable and internet people as well as the apartment maintenance staff to get my cable working. There are lots of things that make moving better. I didn’t do any of them. I could have googled “how to move” but I didn’t because I’ve moved 100s of times in my life. I’m like a nomad. I move. It’s what I do. Well, not anymore. But I feel like I say that every time I move.

me in my new office
My new office.

I didn’t have the internet for 2 weeks.

I know that doesn’t seem like very long. The majority of everything I do aside from my part time job is online. During those 2 weeks, I had a really hard time. The cable guys were at my apartment twice. The first time, they couldn’t get into a door to check the line because it was locked out in the hall, and the maintenance staff wouldn’t come unlock it. I called them twice and apparently they didn’t know what door I was talking about. When the cable finally got fixed a week later, the cable people discovered that the line got chewed up by squirrels or some other being, and stapled into a wall, for some reason. I guess squirrels have staple guns now. Be careful, cable-people. And all of this was going on as I was working through the endless pile of laundry.

If there’s one thing I hate more than moving, it’s gotta be laundry.

Sure, I could have done all my laundry at my old apartment before I moved. Actually, I did. Well, most of it. But between the rest that I didn’t do and all of my boyfriends clothes that he didn’t wash from his old apartment, I STILL have laundry to do and it’s been 2 weeks. I should have told him to do all of his laundry before we moved and that would have solved that problem. I mean, I guess. Who knows? This is all theoretical, seeing as how I didn’t do any of this. Just like how coordinating what furniture we already have and what furniture we will need could have been coordinated ahead of time, but it wasn’t.

We overspent at Value City Furniture.

There’s nothing theoretical about that. We got a new couch and a new kitchen table and chairs for the new apartment. We also got a new coffee table because you’re supposed to have a coffee table, right? And I got a new desk and a new chair for my new office that I was certain I needed. I’m a writer and I need an office because writers need offices. I’m very excited about my office. I get to come into it every day and write things. My reading for my book reviews gets done in my office now. I also get to read submissions for the literary magazine in it, and I get to job hunt in it because I’m still looking for my job that I’m supposed to get because I have an English degree now.

But mostly I hate moving because I have to learn a new bus route.

I don’t drive. That’s why I moved to Louisville and went to UofL in the first place. I’d have loved to move to New York, but turns out that’s really expensive and I was a first generation college student who had to pay pretty much EVERYTHING with student loans to go to college. I’ve only ever had part time jobs, never full time. To get to these jobs, still on campus, I take the buses that are ran by the “Transit Authority of River City”, or TARC.

The bus routes are handy, but they take forever. I wish I would’ve googled how to get from home to work at different times a bit more before hand. Oh well. It’s not that bad of a commute, luckily. I still find it confusing when I leave work at noon vs when I leave at 5. I missed a connecting bus twice, putting me an hour behind with a whole bunch of stuff to still do at home.

How to move: don’t wait until you move to do crap.

Coordinate with roommates and family/partners. Label boxes. Have extra boxes. Find your routes to work and back. Find out about traffic and schedules at different times. Ask about cable line problems and squirrels with staple guns before you move. Yes, all of this is very minor and after another month I won’t remember any of it. However, this week has not been wonderful because moving sucks. If you’re moving and you can do things to make it easier, you should probably do them. Even though it’s only a few weeks of agony, it’s still a whole two weeks. TWO ENTIRE WEEKS. MOVING. FURNITURE. CABLE. THE BUS. AGONY.

Now that my week of agony is over and my internet is working, I can finally job hunt the proper lazy way that modern times has made more appropriate. I’ve got Indeed resumes to send and cover letters to type. By the way, if anyone in the Louisville, KY area knows of a job that requires English-major like skills, please let me know. I need money. As long as they work around my other duties: I have a literary magazine to edit, a blog to post, books to review, and stories to write. I’m also a whole week behind on all of it. Actually, more than that on the literary magazine. Not that that’s any indication of my work ethic. Hire me, companies. If you’re in the Clifton neighborhood, that’d be great, because I moved here and I don’t drive and all.

Comment below with any tips that you have about moving, because I’m sure I’ll move again, even though I don’t ever want to. Do you know why? Because moving sucks. That’s why.

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