Book Reviews: How Soon Is Too Soon?

Well, it finally happened. I got to read a book for a book review early.

Well, sort of. The book’s UK release date was this month. The book doesn’t come out in the US until November. I’m reading it from the US publisher. I don’t THINK the US publisher would care if I went ahead and posted the review, but I think it’s good practice to wait until closer to the “official” release date for the publisher that I’m providing the review for. So, I’m embargoing myself. You’ll get to know what I think of the book in November. Maybe October. To be honest, this whole thing is all up in the air I have no idea what I’m doing.

But that’s okay, because I have another book to read.

This other book comes out next month, and it’s a long one, so I’ve got to get to reading. It’s super interesting so far. It’s about elephants. Well, it has elephants in it. Whatever. I’m pretty excited. I think this book review thing is going to work out. Maybe. I mean, it’s still pretty much a house of cards. Very fragile. Timing seems to be everything. It’s a little overwhelming. Well, a lot overwhelming. I’m getting overwhelmed.

But, it IS nice to be able to read books for pleasure again. Even though it’s kind of a rush. Sometimes I have to hurry through the books to get the reviews done in time. Just like college. Everything is like college, and college is nothing like the real world. It’s confusing. Very.

It’s okay. I just have to do my best on the book reviews.

Unless my best isn’t good enough. Also, what if the author reads my reviews and hates them? SO MUCH ANXIETY. I just have to remind myself that this isn’t for a grade anymore. Except, it kinda is, if I want to be able to keep doing book reviews and read books in time to post them in time. And getting it ready the day the book comes out isn’t enough. I’ll need to post earlier in the release month, that way it helps create buzz for the book. That’s the whole point, I guess.

Buzz buzz buzz.

Buzz for the author, buzz for the publisher, buzz for me. Yes, me. I’m involved. Especially if I wait until the release month of the book to post my review. I’ll get to mooch off of all that organic SEO traffic. Gosh I can’t wait until I get to post this review in November.

Now I’m excited again.

I’m also excited because I just realized that I finally surpassed 1000 Twitter followers. Um, wow. Thanks!

Now I have to go because my boyfriend is waiting for me to go with him to the grocery store. He wants to shop for food together. This moving-in-together thing seems to be going okay. I’m sure this book review thing will go great, too.

In case you missed them, here are my recent book reviews.

I reviewed Beloved, by Toni Morrison, after I graduated and felt like I needed to.

I reviewed, Sweetness #9, by Stephan Eirik Clark, and I reviewed The Miniaturist, by Jessie Burton, when I found the copies that my professor let me borrow a few years ago buried in my room as I was packing up to move in with my boyfriend after I graduated.

If you didn’t read those reviews, check them out. And read the books. And leave me comments. I’m needy.

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