My Friend Brandon Wanted Tuesdays

I was thinking about what to do with my blog this year and thought I’d try to post a bit more regularly, because I’m a poor creative writing student at UofL and my blog needs readers, because I write things on it. So, I texted my friend my idea of trying to post regularly Monday through Thursday. He said he wanted Tuesdays to be about him.

I mean, I didn’t really have any other ideas for Tuesdays, anyway.


Brandon is my friend and he likes Tuesdays. We haven’t actually ever met face-to-face because we met on an app when I was visiting some friends in the DC area. He helped me pick a place to order food from and I did and it didn’t kill me and he has a PlayStation 4 so we became friends.

We mostly just text each other useless information and sarcasm because we can, and sometimes we share pictures of shenanigans we’re getting into in our respective cities. He really hates it when I go to Taco Bell, because I go to Taco Bell all the time, because I’m a poor UofL undergrad and I can get two tacos there for like two bucks. Here’s our most recent all-important conversation about tacos.

He also sometimes yells at me when he catches me on Scruff at 6AM.

And here’s a really stimulating conversation we had about apples.

And here’s a conversation we had about Hillary Clinton.

And here he is buying beverages for an Oscars party.

And here’s how excited he and I get when he gets to ride the fancy train with a fancy futuristic space floor and fancy people in fancy suits.

Brandon is my friend. Tuesdays are about him now. This will totally work. Shenanigans!