I Went To See Deadpool

I wasn’t hungry so I went to see a movie instead of going to eat at a fancy-schmancy restaurant this week. I tried to go see a movie later in the evening, when all the cool people would be there. I went all the way out to Bardstown Road and everything, which takes a good 45 minutes when you don’t drive, but while I was walking around aimlessly killing time until it wasn’t too early for me to go get my ticket, I got a call from my apartment’s management office about some lost mail. I needed to make it back before the lobby closed so I went back home. The next day I went back to Bardstown Road to try again.

I got to Bardstown Road way too early to get my ticket again. It was just before noon and the theater wasn’t even open yet. I met up with a friend who I hadn’t seen in a few weeks and we ate at a Vietnamese place called Cafe Mimosa. I got beef with lemon grass or something, and drenched it all in soy sauce, and talked with my friend about how college was going and how single-forever I was. I didn’t finish my food so I left it on a stoop somewhere for a homeless person. It was my first time doing that, so I felt a little strange and like I was littering, but I pushed through it and did it anyway. Then my friend and I separated. I bought my ticket for Deadpool at Baxter Avenue Theaters.

I’m not sure if it was because it was so early in the day, or if it was because Deadpool has already been playing for weeks, but I had the theater all to myself and it was glorious. I didn’t have to chew my popcorn responsibly or anything, and one time during the film, when Deadpool made one of his fourth wall breaking comments, I laughed and spewed out chewed popcorn bits all over the seat in front of me and I didn’t have to say I’m sorry.

Deadpool was a funny movie, very R rated, very Ryan Reynolds’s butt-naked at times, and also very brutal and bloody and gross. I kinda wanna see it again, maybe with someone else next time. I’ll try to not spit popcorn all over the place again, but no promises.