I Ordered Cooked Food At A Sushi Place

Every now and then, when I have $20-$30, I go to Dragon King’s Daughter on Bardstown Road. It’s a sushi and taco fusion restaurant that I always remember as the place that brings out a big bottle of water for me to drink while I spend twenty minutes looking at the menu because I never know how I want to dress my raw fish tacos. I always get some kind of raw fish because I feel like if you’re in a place with sushi and you don’t get sushi, or at least some sort of concoction with raw fish in it, you’re missing the point of the place. The last time I went, I got cooked teriyaki on my tacos instead, because every time I say the word always, I always end up contradicting myself.

From the selection of sauces, I chose teriyaki sauce to go in my dipping cup, because I couldn’t think of any sauce that went with teriyaki sauce besides teriyaki sauce. I regret getting the taco with red onions. I must have momentarily flashed back to my sandwich-shop-working days, where red onions went on pretty much everything. Red onions don’t work on teriyaki tacos. Everything else was pretty okay. I mean, the tortillas used for the tacos are kinda bland, but it’s teriyaki tacos and they gave me extra sauce. Also they have Mexican Coke in a bottle. Also, water.

It’s a cute date place. The art on the walls is always very distracting so that you don’t have to look all awkwardly at your date the whole time. The bathroom light shuts off on you while you’re trying to pee, though. But their sushi is pretty good. Well plated, tastes like raw fish with vegetables and rice is supposed to taste like, and if you want, you can get a taco. I love tacos. Comment below and tell everyone how much I love tacos, because you know it’s the truth.

Dragon King’s Daughter is a sushi and taco fusion restaurant on Bardstown Road in Louisville, KY and New Albany, IN.