I Ate At Ramsi’s Cafe On the World For the First Time

I went to eat at Ramsi’s Cafe On the World, a local restaurant here in Louisville. It took my friend and I twenty minutes to decide what to order, because we’re complicated like that. Also, the menu had such a wide variety of dishes, because the name of the restaurant is Ramsi’s Cafe On the World, which makes sense when you look at the menu. I ended up ordering something called a “Louis Marsala”. I wasn’t quite sure what I was getting into, but I figured what the hell? It has the name Louis in it, and I live in Louisville, KY, so it’s probably awesome. I’ve always been highly logical like that. My friend ordered something, can’t remember what, but he didn’t screw up when he annunciated the name of his dish to our server like I did mine. Louis is actually a very confusing name to try to pronounce if you’re reading it while you do it. What are you supposed to do with that ‘s’?

In the twenty minutes or so that it took to get our food, my friend and I turned our heads around to all the art on the walls. Yes, Ramsi’s Cafe On the World is also a good place to take a date, because you can look at the art if you’re bored with your date while you’re waiting on your food to come.

Louis Marsala

The food was actually really good for a chicken marinated in a wine soup. Some potatoes were also involved, and some other stuff. It was soupy, but everything in the soupy part was whole and solid, because I guess that’s the point. If a place is good, you always get the point of it.

The point is, if I ever get a date to pay for me, I’ll probably go back. I’ll spend forever trying to find a dish that I feel confident in annunciating, and I’ll practice the words as seemingly simple as Louis to you until the server comes. And next time I’m trying desert.

Ramsi’s Cafe on the World is a fancy smancy restaurant on Bardstown Road in Louisville, Kentucky.