Really Drink Coffee

I’m introverted. I mostly spent my summer in the spare bedroom at my mom’s collecting calories, re-watching LOST, and reading and writing.

Last year I moved to Louisville via a friend who drove me down and helped me get settled into my first ever studio apartment. This year, I moved back to Louisville via a parent and into a student housing place right next to campus. I have roommates. I socialized more that first week of classes than I think I ever did last year. I’ll say this was all my elaborate plan was my way of forcing myself to get over my shyness and learn how to be more social. It worked until I realized I was really the only one who drank coffee like water. Usually by the time I got back from Quills with a half empty 12oz to-go coffee in my hand, my roommates had moved on to some cool place where all the cool people go. I’m still not entirely sure where that is. Maybe I’ll ask them one day, if I ever see them when I have enough caffeine in my system.

The end of August through the end of October was wonderful. The coffee was amazing.

Turns out buying 12oz coffees everyday is expensive. November sucks. I had to petition a committee to drop some classes after the deadline so that I could drop down to part-time student status and work a second job early in the morning and afternoon. I refuse to drop my creative writing class, and I can manage my 7PM history class. Six credit-hours is much more manageable than thirteen. I just really wish I could find that second job. I hear being a Barista is fun. I like coffee. I can be passionate about coffee. I applied at Starbucks, and then I wrote this blog.


Eric Shay Howard