Smiley Number Three

The house around the corner with the white smiley in front of it. The face is droopy. Another, blue, against the concrete; supposed to be symmetrical I think. A town so depressing people have to draw smiley faces below them to feel better. And as I was walking back today, I guess it works.

When the sun went down, I drew a circle with a stick of pink chalk. I picked the color of a tree in a better place. My circle came out looking like half of a drunken peanut with two dots on the top. I thought about the line for the smile and I went back inside.

The next day I saw that someone had drawn yellow arrows connecting the droopy circle to the other, and that one to mine. They completed my face with a smile that’s not my own. And even though the chalk is no longer there, I still walk the redundant path backwards on my way every morning, and forwards every afternoon. I know I’m almost home when I get to smiley number three.

By Eric Shay Howard

Eric Shay Howard is a blogger and author who blogs about his life as he develops his career and learns new things. He lives in Louisville, Kentucky. He cares about education, the LGBTQ community, and city life.