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A & P, Dark Meadow, and Once Upon A Time

I stayed home from my Acting One class today (actually, yesterday, because my blogs are usually a day late due to the rigorous editing process I put myself through) in an attempt to completely heal up good from not-Ebola. To be completely honest, I could use another day, but I got an email from my professor expressing his disappointment. I guess that means I should go back to class, even though I don’t go back to Acting One until Thursday. (That’s two days from now, even though I’m posting this tomorrow, on Wednesday. I know, it’s confusing. Don’t worry about it.)

The Savage Detectives novel that I’m reading for my English Literature class is starting to get a little more interesting. I’m still somewhat behind; I have to keep re-reading it to understand certain parts. The timeline is extremely confusing, and there are so many different perspectives. A classmate expressed her theory that it was originally two novels. I agree. It’s kind of a mess. I’ve had to take little breaks from it, watching and reading other things to not get burned out. I read another short story from The Norton Introduction to Literature, “A & P”, by John Updike. It was a quick story that I believe took place in the 60s. The story was short and not very eventful, but who am I to judge how eventful certain things are?

I also read a short story from my most recently purchased volume of Tin House, “Dark Meadow”, by Adam Johnson. It was a strange piece about a hacker who is “studying” some “illegal images”. It was written in a way that made me think more about the modern concern over our privacy and big data, but I’m really not sure if that’s what the author was going for. I guess an author never really knows how their story will be taken, though. In my creative writing class, I read from a short story that I finally finished today. (Or was it yesterday? Never mind, don’t worry about it.) I use the term “finished” loosely, because is anything ever really finished? Anyway, the images that stuck with the students who listened really surprised me. It even pointed some things about my writing that I didn’t know I liked.

Last but not least, I got caught up on the 4th season of Once Upon A Time. I’d like to spend the rest of this blog post complaining about how I feel like the show isn’t grabbing my attention that much anymore. The Frozen storyline doesn’t seem all that exciting, and I could care less about Elsa and Anna. I’m much more interested in the relationship between Regina and Robin Hood. This season could be entirely about that and I’d be happy. Finally finding out that Emma’s car is Herbie the Love Bug would sweeten the deal. I mean come on, where else could the writers have possibly been going with that?




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2 responses to “A & P, Dark Meadow, and Once Upon A Time”

  1. cindy Avatar

    Eric, I am reading all of your blogs, but it’s been such a busy two weeks that I haven’t had time to respond to any of it! Just wanted you to know that your words aren’t just hanging out there with no one reading and enjoying them. Hang in there, and hope you feel fully better soon! C. Peck

    1. Eric Avatar

      Thanks, Cindy! I’ve been following the cemetery emails. You’re all doing such a great job with it!

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