My First Rejection Letter of 2018

I wrote 4,300 words this week.

Between my first rejection letter of 2018, job interviews, and holiday leftovers, I now have two short stories that are short enough to submit to some new lit mags I’ve found. I also have a very rough draft of a novelette that I started in December and found something of an ending for over the weekend. So, I guess I did pretty okay enough this past week.

I’m considering January my “grinding” month.

I’m doing as much writing as I can so that I have plenty of stuff to rewrite and submit to literary journals and creative writing places. It’s kind of like setting a new years resolution, only kind of the exact opposite because I definitely won’t get as much new writing done per month after January for a while. I mean, you know, probably not.

In between writing, I also had a job interview that I probably won’t get because I don’t think I asked enough questions about the position, so I applied for a crap ton more jobs. Basically, I need a new job right off the get-go this year. Or a rich husband. Or, you know, a book to sell, or a surge in my blog’s popularity and ad impressions, or something. You know, whichever happens first. Probably a new job.

Also, this is my first rejection letter of 2018.

My first rejection letter of 2018 is from Five:2:One Magazine. The typos make me think that it was actually typed out by hand. Seems slightly higher tier, too. But I dunno. I can’t tell anymore.

Has anyone else gotten their first rejection letter of 2018? Anyone gotten any acceptance letters this year yet? Let me know in the comments. I WANT TO KNOW. I’M NOSY.

I’m still working on a new short story for my blog. Until then, here’s my most recent short story, “Losing One”, that I posted a few weeks ago.

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See You In 2018 and Happy Holidays

Happy holidays, everyone. Hope your 2017 was awesome. I’ve had a great few months of writing consistently on my blog. I’m super proud of it. So, it’s time for it all to go to hell. I’m taking Christmas 2017 through New Years 2018 off from blogging.

I tend to do most of my blog planning for the week ahead on the weekends since I work throughout the week. I had to handle the holidays this weekend. While I’ll be writing stuff, I won’t have time to see any projects through properly this week since I have to come right back to work on Tuesday. Then it’s New Years next weekend and I have to do it all again.


It’s just too much. All the family stuff. I don’t even drive so there’s that much more to coordinate. I’m also job hunting because I really need more money. I know I probably won’t find a new job over the holidays, but I’m sure as hell going to try.

Basically, I need a week or so, ya’ll.

It’s been a great three months though. Seriously. With any luck at all, I’ll be able to plan ahead a little and get my 2018 writing and blogging game going strong. I’m going to do some tweaking so that I can allow for more editing time between my stories. I’m also going to tweak my writing habit so that I can have more stories to submit to literary magazines and sill post some to my blog. Basically, next year will be the same, but different.

I’ll be back January 3rd with a 2018 blogging plan that’ll put this years’ posts to shame. Just the plan, though. No other promises. January 3rd is a Wednesday, I think.

Here’s some of the short stories I posted on my blog these last few months to hold you over: Losing One, The Arrangements of Bird MenDialing For A Paycheck, and  The Brawl Outside Butterweather’s.

And, even though I’m taking the holidays off from my blog, I’ll still be tweeting on my Twitter and posting annoying selfies on my Instagram. Maybe like my page on Facebook, too, just because. You can also contact me here.

Also, here’s one of my best rejection letters ever. It’s from a few years ago. It’s from Tahoma Literary Review. My goal for 2018 is to write a story that gets another rejection like this.