City Life: I Spent The Day Walking Around Aimlessly

Going out by myself is hard for me. Really hard.

Not that I don’t have friends for going out. I do. But I’ve noticed as I try to make more friends that it’s really one of the most difficult things for me in my adult life. And living in a city, there’s no excuse as to why I don’t have more friends. I used to think it was related to just how awkward and introverted I am. Now I just think it’s hard because making friends is not as easy as eating or playing video games or watching movies. I want to get my city life going. People who live in cities on TV have friends. Like in Friends. There’s 6 of them. I know Louisville is no New York, but it’s still a city. There are more people in cities, so I should be able to meet more people and have more friends. Continue reading “City Life: I Spent The Day Walking Around Aimlessly”