I Went To the Highlands Fest In Louisville

Last weekend was the Highlands Fest in Louisville, KY.

I’ve never been to this particular festival before, so I met a friend after work and we went. It was mostly a giant cluster of people walking around with their dog leashes in one hand and their beer in the other. There were also live bands. Lepolion Effect was probably the best band I’ve heard live in a while, so hats off to them for some great covers.

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I Found My Favorite Coffee Shop In A New Location, Hidden Behind Construction

Friday, I only had one goal: to switch banks. To do that, I had to get a new photo ID with my new address on it. But I noticed that my favorite coffee place in Louisville, Quills, had opened a new location Downtown. When your favorite coffee place opens a new location in a convenient space, you check it out. It’s just what you do. I halted everything and checked it out.

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I Went To Worldfest And Got A Freelance Business Idea

My boyfriend and I sometimes watch Criminal Minds on the couch while we play on our phones and stuff.

He mentioned Worldfest, I assumed because he saw it on his Facebook feed. It was in Downtown Louisville. We decided to go at 4pm. It was 9am. My boyfriend fell asleep. He does that sometimes. He works a lot. I don’t work as much. I’m not cut out for working full time in a traditional job. I need to make my own hours. Do my own thing. I’ve been thinking about a freelance business idea for a while – a freelance personal assistant thing. I’m trying to get that going. Continue reading “I Went To Worldfest And Got A Freelance Business Idea”

People Watching: I Went To Shakespeare In The Park

Central Park in Louisville does this Shakespeare festival every year.

There’s an amphitheatre in the park that they use throughout the season. The park is near the University of Louisville campus. I’ve walked by it many times while I was a student there. I never really went to a performance, though. It’s on a local event list over on Louisville Magazine, spanning from August 9th-August 13th. I figured it was time to actually go see one. If nothing else, it will help me do some people watching because I’m a writer and like to do people watching. Usually, the being-a-writer part is just the excuse to be nosy, but since I’m working on some fiction for my blog, I thought an actual people-watching exercise while I was out somewhere would be good. And if it didn’t work, there was always the performance. Continue reading “People Watching: I Went To Shakespeare In The Park”