People Watching: I Went To Shakespeare In The Park

Central Park in Louisville does this Shakespeare festival every year.

There’s an amphitheatre in the park that they use throughout the season. The park is near the University of Louisville campus. I’ve walked by it many times while I was a student there. I never really went to a performance, though. It’s on a local event list over on Louisville Magazine, spanning from August 9th-August 13th. I figured it was time to actually go see one. If nothing else, it will help me do some people watching because I’m a writer and like to do people watching. Usually, the being-a-writer part is just the excuse to be nosy, but since I’m working on some fiction for my blog, I thought an actual people-watching exercise while I was out somewhere would be good. And if it didn’t work, there was always the performance. Continue reading “People Watching: I Went To Shakespeare In The Park”

City Life: I Spent The Day Walking Around Aimlessly

Going out by myself is hard for me. Really hard.

Not that I don’t have friends for going out. I do. But I’ve noticed as I try to make more friends that it’s really one of the most difficult things for me in my adult life. And living in a city, there’s no excuse as to why I don’t have more friends. I used to think it was related to just how awkward and introverted I am. Now I just think it’s hard because making friends is not as easy as eating or playing video games or watching movies. I want to get my city life going. People who live in cities on TV have friends. Like in Friends. There’s 6 of them. I know Louisville is no New York, but it’s still a city. There are more people in cities, so I should be able to meet more people and have more friends. Continue reading “City Life: I Spent The Day Walking Around Aimlessly”

I Went To The St. Matthews Street Festival

So on the bus Saturday morning on the way to work, I noticed that a road was blocked off by police. I was like, something must’ve happened and now I’m going to be late my first week of work, even though I only live like 10 minutes up the road. But then I remembered that the St. Matthews Street Festival was today. It’s a Festival. In St. Matthews. St. Matthews is a neighborhood in Louisville. It’s not the neighborhood I live in, but it’s super close. Continue reading “I Went To The St. Matthews Street Festival”

I Went To A Bar By Myself

Saturday I was at home thinking about working on one of my 10 page English papers, but I decided to go to a bar instead. The last time I blogged about my trip to a bar, my social awkwardness got the better of me and I didn’t have a very good experience. To be honest, I’m not even sure why I wanted to go to a bar again, let alone why I wanted to go to one by myself.

The bar I went to was called Teddy Bears. It’s supposed to be a gay bar, but really it’s just a big black box that a bunch of guys hangout and drink in. I like it because it’s close and the drinks are really cheap. I got there around 6PM. The bar was full, so I had to stand around behind everybody with my $3 rum and coke. From now on when I’m by myself in a bar I’m no longer starting off with a rum and coke.

I felt awkward and out of place for a little while. Okay, the whole time. I just Continue reading “I Went To A Bar By Myself”

I Went To A Bar On Easter

For Easter my friend was like, let’s go to the cemetery and take pictures of trees. I said okay. So we went to see Colonel Sanders’s grave because people do that for some reason, and my friend took pictures of trees in the cemetery while I took pictures of him taking pictures because art. Then we went to a bar.

Me in front of Chill Bar.

Continue reading “I Went To A Bar On Easter”