My First Rejection Letter of 2018

I wrote 4,300 words this week.

Between my first rejection letter of 2018, job interviews, and holiday leftovers, I now have two short stories that are short enough to submit to some new lit mags I’ve found. I also have a very rough draft of a novelette that I started in December and found something of an ending for over the weekend. So, I guess I did pretty okay enough this past week.

I’m considering January my “grinding” month.

I’m doing as much writing as I can so that I have plenty of stuff to rewrite and submit to literary journals and creative writing places. It’s kind of like setting a new years resolution, only kind of the exact opposite because I definitely won’t get as much new writing done per month after January for a while. I mean, you know, probably not.

In between writing, I also had a job interview that I probably won’t get because I don’t think I asked enough questions about the position, so I applied for a crap ton more jobs. Basically, I need a new job right off the get-go this year. Or a rich husband. Or, you know, a book to sell, or a surge in my blog’s popularity and ad impressions, or something. You know, whichever happens first. Probably a new job.

Also, this is my first rejection letter of 2018.

My first rejection letter of 2018 is from Five:2:One Magazine. The typos make me think that it was actually typed out by hand. Seems slightly higher tier, too. But I dunno. I can’t tell anymore.

Has anyone else gotten their first rejection letter of 2018? Anyone gotten any acceptance letters this year yet? Let me know in the comments. I WANT TO KNOW. I’M NOSY.

I’m still working on a new short story for my blog. Until then, here’s my most recent short story, “Losing One”, that I posted a few weeks ago.

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