I Have A Plan

I have a plan for 2018. A fiction writing career plan. I didn’t say it was a good plan, or that it’ll work completely, or even that it’ll work at all. I’m just saying that I’ve put together a plan for my fiction writing of 2018. I’m also not saying it’s a very well thought out plan, just a plan that I’ve thought about a lot.

So for 2018, I have to submit more of my short fiction to paying markets.

I need to submit more of my fiction to more places and get some longer stories going this year. In order to do this, I can’t spend all week working on short fiction just for the blog. As I pointed out in this post about typos, the stories on my blog are only for my blog, not for lit mags, because they’re already “published”. It’s been great having the weekly push to create a new story for my blog, but I have to turn the dial down a bit on my blog’s fiction and turn the knob for my lit mag fiction submissions up.

My blog posts will be less frequent this year, kind of, maybe.

Instead of a set weekly schedule this year, the frequency of my posts will be based on rejection letter response times, exciting life events, and my urges. Publication announcements, too. You know, if any. And, I don’t want to NOT publish some of my stories here on my blog. So, about every month or so I’ll post a short story on my blog.

I’ll be submitting stories every week to other literary journals and lit mags. I’ll be sharing my rejection letters, as always. And well, that’s phase one of my plan. Phase two will be implemented after the first quarter of 2018, sometime in March or April or May or something like that. I don’t know what the fuck I want to define as a quarter-year so, you know, whatever. Phase two involves some humdingery and confladgery that will be more and more doable the more phase one goes according to plan.

I guess now that I think about it, this isn’t really a plan as much as it is a “I’m busy with writing so fuck off” announcement. Whatever. It’s fine. I’ll try to keep up with the consistency of posting as much as I can.

Here’s some of the rejection letters I got last year.

These fiction rejection letters are from No Tokens, Apogee, Sand, and Bull & Cross. Plenty more to come this year, I’m sure.

no tokens rejection

See you next week, unless something interesting happens before then. I’m off to write and rewrite some more stuff to submit to some places.

Wish me the best of of luck with my fiction writing career this year. We’re all in this together, too, so feel free to bombard the comments with your own short story links, links to your books, your projects, your blog, or whatever.

Here is some of my fiction that you can read here.

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