I Went To the Highlands Fest In Louisville

Last weekend was the Highlands Fest in Louisville, KY.

I’ve never been to this particular festival before, so I met a friend after work and we went. It was mostly a giant cluster of people walking around with their dog leashes in one hand and their beer in the other. There were also live bands. Lepolion Effect was probably the best band I’ve heard live in a while, so hats off to them for some great covers.

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I Went To The St. Matthews Street Festival

So on the bus Saturday morning on the way to work, I noticed that a road was blocked off by police. I was like, something must’ve happened and now I’m going to be late my first week of work, even though I only live like 10 minutes up the road. But then I remembered that the St. Matthews Street Festival was today. It’s a Festival. In St. Matthews. St. Matthews is a neighborhood in Louisville. It’s not the neighborhood I live in, but it’s super close. Continue reading “I Went To The St. Matthews Street Festival”

I Visited The Stonewall Inn! (And other places!)

This is my first time in New York. I’m a gay man. It’s pride weekend. When else is it socially acceptable to visit a historic place and get drunk? Probably never, right? I’m all for it!

It was kind of small, but if you consider the history of the place, of course it is. The Stonewall Riots of 69 are widely considered to be the beginning of the Gay Rights Movement. In 1969 I’m sure it wasn’t nearly as crowded. Maybe it’s not nearly as crowded normally anyway. Again, it was also pride weekend.

(Update: after more research, I’ve discovered that it was bigger in 1969.)


So, even though my boyfriend yelled at me when someone bumped into me and I spilled my filled-to-the-rim alcoholic beverage on his shoe that someone peed on, I had a good time at the Stonewall Inn. I don’t dance much; I never have. I bopped my head and moved my arms a bit last night, which was way more than I’ll usually ever do in a clubby-type place. Two drinks is usually my limit, so after three rum and cokes I spent the next hour mesmerized by all of the glowing rainbow headbands everyone was wearing. I got felt up more than I’ve ever been felt up before, but only because I was in the way and there was hardly any space to move around in between everyone.

I’m glad I convinced my boyfriend to go. I couldn’t believe as many times as he’s been to New York, he had never been. He showed me a great time in New York. Besides the Stonewall Inn, we went to many other awesome places.

I also went to the Empire State Building. It was a beautiful view. We caught a show, Avenue Q at New World Stages. It was one of the funniest shows I’ve seen in a while. I got a copy of the script, which I always do because I’m a theatre nerd like that. The next day we even took a stroll through Central Park. We were going to check out Time Square, but my boyfriend’s feet were turning to mush or something, and we caught an early train back to DC.





I’m in DC for one more day, then I go back to Louisville tomorrow morning. There were a few more surprises that I didn’t share, like what happened when I decided to sit in the front row at the DC Improv to see a Bobby Slayton show the night I flew in, and who I saw float by during the pride parade in New York on Sunday, (hint, it was the Orange Is The New Black float), but I can’t really figure out how to work them into this blog post. Besides, I guess you kind of had to be there anyway.