I Went To A Bar And Now I’m Self-Employed

I went out over the weekend to the Highlands neighborhood here in Louisville.

I made a new friend at one of the many gay bars there, called Chill Bar. It has this enormous tree out in the patio with Christmas tree lights wrapped around it. We sat at the bar around the tree and drank Budweiser and Guinness, people watched, and talked about our creative ambitions. He’s a musician. He also has a day job, something with pipe organs. I talked to him about how I’m just really not that good at traditional jobs and just sort of want to write things. Basically, I’d rather be self-employed. Actually, I need to be self-employed. Continue reading “I Went To A Bar And Now I’m Self-Employed”

I’m Taking A Hard Look At My Blogging

I’ve been posting on and off on this blog since 2014. It’s time to take a hard look at what my blog is and how to get it closer to what I want it to be. I’ve been avoiding this since I started it because I was in college. I didn’t have enough time to focus on it the way I felt like I needed to. A blogger has a lot of cool things, like making my own work schedule, working from home, writing every day, and building a community. I wanted and expected at least some of those things, but I didn’t do any work to get them. As a result, my blog has just sort of existed for three years. Now that I’ve graduated college and have more time to devote to blogging, there’s no excuse. Continue reading “I’m Taking A Hard Look At My Blogging”

Book Reviews: How Soon Is Too Soon?

Well, it finally happened. I got to read a book for a book review early.

Well, sort of. The book’s UK release date was this month. The book doesn’t come out in the US until November. I’m reading it from the US publisher. I don’t THINK the US publisher would care if I went ahead and posted the review, but I think it’s good practice to wait until closer to the “official” release date for the publisher that I’m providing the review for. So, I’m embargoing myself. You’ll get to know what I think of the book in November. Maybe October. To be honest, this whole thing is all up in the air I have no idea what I’m doing.

Continue reading “Book Reviews: How Soon Is Too Soon?”

Graduating, Starting A Freelance Writing Business, and Launching A Literary Magazine

I woke up this morning with absolutely nothing to do. Well, except move. Oh, and read submissions for Likely Red Magazine, an online literary magazine that just released its first issue this week. And I need to job hunt. And promote my blog on social media. And work on more content for here and possibly a few other blogs. Oh and write more on my novel manuscript and edit some of my short stories. It’s getting to be about time to submit some of them to other journals and publishers, too. You know what? I guess I have a lot of crap I need to work on. And Now that my classes Continue reading “Graduating, Starting A Freelance Writing Business, and Launching A Literary Magazine”