I Went To An Orientation For A Coffee Shop

I’ve always kind of secretly wanted to work at a coffee shop, to learn to make really good coffee.

I currently use a French Press, which was the easiest and closest I could get to that at the same time. I prefer the french press because I like my coffee stronger and more flavorful. Paper filters filter out some of the oils that I’ve grown to like in coffee, and french presses don’t use paper filters. But, from what I can tell about all the different coffee shops around Louisville, there are lots of different ways to prepare coffee. There are also lots of ways to use paper filters to the coffee lover’s advantage.┬áI think I get to learn a lot of those other interesting coffee brewing methods now that I got a job working at a local coffee shop down the street. Continue reading “I Went To An Orientation For A Coffee Shop”

I Worked As A Vet Receptionist For A Day

I was given a working interview as a vet receptionist for a day.

I’d spent nearly my entire undergraduate experience working as an administrative/student assistant in various locations on campus. I learned how to administrate the heck out of things. When I got a chance to be a vet receptionist, I figured that sounded like something I could do. Continue reading “I Worked As A Vet Receptionist For A Day”

Why Employers Should Encourage Using Public Transportation

I’m talking to the bosses in the cities right now.

The bosses in the cities that are using public transportation, like buses and Ubers, and subways and trains if you’re so lucky. I’m not talking to the bosses of delivery drivers, truck drivers, or event planners. Well, unless those event planners don’t have to haul anything very often and primarily handle local businesses anyway; they don’t need vehicles either in bigger cities. But for everyone else, how sure are you that your employees need to have their own vehicle? Because honestly, they probably don’t. Not on most days. Continue reading “Why Employers Should Encourage Using Public Transportation”

So I Was Job Hunting, Then I Found A Job

But I really hate it. But I hate job hunting more.

After about a month of job hunting, I took the day job because it was the first job offered to me after I graduated. It’s full time and it has benefits and it’s work I have experience in. The problem is it’s just the kind of job that I decided to go to college to avoid having to do for the rest of my life. So now I really want to give my 2-weeks-notice. But I’m afraid, because, I don’t know, social anxiety, maybe? Continue reading “So I Was Job Hunting, Then I Found A Job”

So I’m Trying To Grow My Audience And It’s Hard

I’ve been reading a lot of that advice that people have about growing your blog and your following.

I’ve been implementing it slowly over the last few weeks. Not only have I been┬áinteracting more on Twitter with my head held high, but I’m finding some really interesting people and getting more followers. I’m not sure how much of it exactly translates over into growth for this blog, but baby steps, people. I don’t want to get overwhelmed.

Continue reading “So I’m Trying To Grow My Audience And It’s Hard”