Jack London Essay – Jack London’s Stories As Shakespearean Tragedies

Here’s my damn paper, where I compare Jack London’s stories to Shakespearean tragedies for some reason, because it seemed like a good idea at the time. I turned it in today.

Both endings to Jack London’s “The Law of Life” and “To Build A Fire” are tragedies on a narrative, stylistic, and technical level as modeled by Shakespeare’s tragedies themselves, which have proven to be fit to the literary environment for centuries. London’s stories end in a tragic manner that leaves each of the protagonists with a moment of deeper understanding before their deaths. The narrative of these two stories are naturalistic and the deaths of the protagonists are brought about because of the characters’ deviation from the social order and unwillingness to accept that they’re not in control of their fates as human beings in the harsh reality of the cutthroat world of natural selection. Continue reading “Jack London Essay – Jack London’s Stories As Shakespearean Tragedies”

I Went To A Bar By Myself

Saturday I was at home thinking about working on one of my 10 page English papers, but I decided to go to a bar instead. The last time I blogged about my trip to a bar, my social awkwardness got the better of me and I didn’t have a very good experience. To be honest, I’m not even sure why I wanted to go to a bar again, let alone why I wanted to go to one by myself.

The bar I went to was called Teddy Bears. It’s supposed to be a gay bar, but really it’s just a big black box that a bunch of guys hangout and drink in. I like it because it’s close and the drinks are really cheap. I got there around 6PM. The bar was full, so I had to stand around behind everybody with my $3 rum and coke. From now on when I’m by myself in a bar I’m no longer starting off with a rum and coke.

I felt awkward and out of place for a little while. Okay, the whole time. I just Continue reading “I Went To A Bar By Myself”

The Thing Is, I’m Super Reachable – An Essay

I’m a shy guy. I don’t pursue conversation well. Sometimes when we’re in a place and you talk to me, I might be short with you because I don’t understand that you’re trying to get my contact information. Luckily, I’m super reachable. I mean, really really super reachable. Continue reading “The Thing Is, I’m Super Reachable – An Essay”