A Bad Tweet About My Writing Process

This week, I’m preparing for a trip and reading A Man Called Ove, by Fredrik Backman.

I’m supposed to be making sure I can find warm clothes for the trip, but instead I’m reading Fredrik Backman’s novel, A Man Called Ove. This is one of the novels I’m making myself read this year. There are also a few more. I’m also very much aware that it’s nearly the end of the year. I read so many novels my final semester at the University of Louisville that I had to take a break from reading novels all summer and fall. I won’t get done reading this novel before next year, so we might as well go ahead and say it’s the first novel I’m reading for 2018. It doesn’t matter. I have to plan a trip.


My trip is Friday. Well, it’s Friday at 6am. That means I have to basically be ready Thursday night. So from Thursday through Sunday I will be on a trip. That’s what I’m trying to say. My trip is for business. Well, personal. Well, I’m making it business. Okay, more personal I guess. You know what, it’s both. It doesn’t matter. I’m going somewhere to do things.

I have other goals, too. I tweeted them.


I sort of regret tweeting this. I don’t like talking about my “process”. First of all, it assumes anyone is even asking. Also, while the tweet is basically true, I don’t like the illusion that I’m consistent with my writing process. Nothing, I repeat, NOTHING about my writing process is ever consistent. I also regret the typo in the word “weeks”. So, by the power vested in me by my English degree from the University of Louisville, I hereby declare this tweet a bad tweet. I’m not deleting it though, because nothing matters anymore, anyway.

Back to Backman and coats. And writing, of course.

I’ll see you all Friday when I post this week’s short fiction. You can see an early draft if you support me on my Patreon page.

Here’s last Friday’s short fiction story, “The Arrangements of Bird Men”.

fredrik backmans a man called ove novel and a coffee cup

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Seven Stories Into My Second Fiction Collection

I did it again. My entire weekend was spent typing up drafts of new stories. There are a lot of cop and crime stories again this week. I also started a short fiction Patreon page, because money. Then, I sat down Sunday afternoon to put together the poll for which story to post to my blog, then I stopped. I know which story I want to post to my blog.

I’ve decided that I need to make my own decisions about which stories to post on my blog, because I should be able to make my own decisions about my writing. I’m a grown ass man. I was using my Twitter followers as a crutch. Totes. No more. I am self sufficient. I can do this.

So, about my Patreon page.

Updated: 7:15pm because I’m so indecisive.

So, here’s how I’m starting out doing my Patreon stuff. At least, probably. I’m still working out the kinks, but basically, patrons get to read my short fiction early.

For $1 a month (which I call my First-Come-First-Serve patrons, because it’s my page and it doesn’t have to make sense) you get access to early drafts and junk and stuff of the stories that I’ll post to my blog every week. Although, keep in mind that some of these drafts will change many times before they’re finally posted here on my blog. I do a lot of rewriting. Like, a lot.

For $3 a month (or my Everything And Then Some patrons) you get the $1 stuff, plus access to an exclusive short story only for patrons every month. That’s right. I’ve been busy, getting stuff all planned out and what-not. These versions of these stories will be pretty close to done, though I always reserve the right to change shit, because as I’m sure you’ve figured out, I have a hard time making decisions.

I don’t know if this will work or not. Probably not, but I’m doing it anyway because internet.

More stuff down the line, too, but baby steps.

So, this week with my writing, there’s more cop and crime stories.

There’s a story about a cop who hates working with his partners. There’s also a story about a band of misfits who break into one of the biggest companies in the city to hack, crash, and burn it. You’ll know which story is going to get posted to the blog on Friday if you support me on Patreon for $3 a month, because I’ve posted the early draft of that story on my Patreon page (emphasis on early draft).

You might see the other story if it ever gets published in a literary journal or magazine, or if and when my collection gets accepted for publication. In the future, I’ll also share some exclusive fiction with my patrons, but, like I said, baby steps.

Yup, that’s how this works now. Decisioned.

I’ve also posted this poll to my Twitter, because old habits die hard.

Like I said, I like polls. They’re interactive and people will do them on Twitter because they’re quick. I’d like to keep doing a poll about something every now and then. I guess I’ll have to get creative.

I also wanted to share with you my newest rejection letter.

This rejection is from No Tokens. I don’t know if it’s a standard rejection, a higher tier rejection, or a personal rejection. I can’t tell anymore. I suspect it’s a little bit of a slightly higher tiered form rejection, meaning it got past the first round at least. I say that because, in my experience, anytime a journal says to send something else, it usually means they liked what they read.

Also, I’m going to Chicago on Friday. Don’t ask. I’ll tell. Eventually.

And, if you missed all the energy I put into trying to get you to become my patron at the beginning of this post, here’s my Patreon page. Please support me if you like my fiction and want to keep reading more of it.

And, here’s last Friday’s fiction story that I posted on my blog. I really like it. Hope I didn’t set the bar too high with this. Genuinely concerned.

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I (Kinda) DID participate in Small Business Saturday

I definitely did participate in Small Business Saturday this past weekend. Kind of.

It’s just that I don’t post things on my blog on Saturday, or on the weekend anymore, because I’m trying to make this writing thing my job. If i’m going to go through all the hard work of working for myself and being a writer, I’m going to make my own hours and they’re going to be scheduled around my lazy time. I haven’t talked much about my lazy time yet, but it’s a really important part of my life. So there.

But, I DID participate in small business Saturday, even if it might’ve been a little bit accidental.

I was writing some stuff, or working at the part time job, I won’t tell which anymore because I’m trying to pretend that my part time job doesn’t exist and that I make all my money from writing. Anyway, I was working, even though it was Saturday. I was only working on Saturday this time because a new issue of Likely Red Magazine is supposed to get published November 30th, and I still have to send the authors their proofs and pay them and all of that stuff. So I was making Post-It notes about that and my friend texted me. And because I work for myself now and make my own decisions, I decided to look at my phone while working.

My friend said that we should go shopping at Work the Metal for Christmas.

I said okay, what the fuck is Work the Metal?

He said it was a local boutique, designer, furniture, knickknack store.

I said okay, I guess. First we went to eat pizza and then we went to the store. I made him take a picture of me outside of the mural on the side of the building. I meant to get one of me by the front of the store or inside the store, but this was technically lazy time and I forgot so, moving on.

Eric Shay Howard standing outside of Work The Metal in the Butchertown Neighborhood in Louisville, KY. Photo by John Eric Davis.

I took these pictures of the stuff that I found interesting while I was at the store though.

I didn’t buy any of them because I’m on a short fiction writer’s salary. Someday I’ll be on a short fiction author’s salary, but even then I’ll have to be careful.


I was immediately drawn to the mugs. I forgot to take a picture of the one that said “Not An Interesting Person”, but it’s also white with black text on it, so just use your imagination.

I Don’t Work Here mug at Work the Metal in Louisville, KY.
For Fox Sake Mug at Work the Metal in Louisville, KY.

Next, I was drawn into a few more random things I found scattered throughout, but mostly the coasters. I almost bought these coasters and plates.

A funny coaster at Work the Metal in Louisville, KY.

What sort of writer would I be if I didn’t notice at least a few of the books and writer-like things?

Hot Guys Coloring Book from Work the Metal in Louisville, KY.
Journal at Work the Metal in Louisville, KY.
Baby’s First Tattoo book at Work the Metal in Louisville, KY.

Also, there were interesting socks. I probably looked through those the longest. I don’t have any funny socks.

I have vague feelings about whatever socks from Work the Metal in Louisville, KY.
Carpe the Fuck Out of this Diem socks from Work the Metal in Louisville, KY.

After the store my friend brought me home. I wrote this blog post a few hours later. I didn’t post it on Saturday, though, because I’m a writer and I have to edit things, at least a little. I’m not sorry. I’m also not saying that I want this blog post to represent my editing skills. I’m just saying that I got out of the house last week, that I went and looked at stuff, and it just happened to be Small Business Saturday.

Here’s some more stuff that I edited:

Read my newest short story that I posted on my blog, “The Brawl Outside Butterweather’s”.

Here’s a weird blog post about how I wanted to do an author interview but didn’t have any authors. If My Blog Was As Good As The Others, I’d Not Have Posted This.

Also, the poll for this Friday’s fiction story is still going, but it’ll end tonight. That means you still have a few hours left to vote. Whichever short story wins the poll will be posted Friday at 8AM EST here on my blog.

Also, share this blog post and the others with people if you like them so I can live.  (Clarification: share my stuff if you liked my stuff. I don’t really care if you like the people you share with or not.)

Also, if you’re in the Louisville area ever, you should check out Work The Metal. It’s pretty rad.