I’m Eric Shay Howard. I’m a writer and editor. I have a BA in English from the University of Louisville.

Picture of writer and editor Eric Shay Howard in a green hoodie on Bardstown Road in Louisville, KY
Bardstown Road – The Highlands in Louisville, KY. Photo by Kyle Richard Dixon.

On my blog, I write about creative writing, literature, education, and LGBTQ issues. I also write opinions and reviews about literary books. Sometimes I write about current events or films.

I’m the founder and editor of Likely Red, an online literary magazine. I started it my senior year at UofL so that I’d have writerly-tasks to do after I graduated. It publishes infrequently, about every month or so. It’s free to read online.

I love writing fiction, usually short stories. I write, rewrite, submit, and mostly get rejection letters for my stories. Gender and LGBTQ issues tend to come up in my work fairly often.

I eventually want to go get my MFA in fiction. Until then, I’m just sort of trying everything I want and hoping that something sticks.

I currently live in Louisville, KY. I’m in my thirties. Before college, I had various types of jobs, including retail and food service. In college I got experience working in administration. I currently work in a library, in addition to writing, editing, and blogging.

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